Monday, November 30, 2009

Some say Old Gregg is like a, a big fish finger, but big! Like um, like a garage. As big as a garage. Imagine that fish finger, when you can see it is as big as a garage, oh! It isn't small, it's the big one! Like that.
I like blogspot, :). I like reading about how people's days have been. Except I can't comment them caus I'm always on my shitpod and it won't let me comment stuff for some reason :( I always read kovacs's blog, except that picture thing creeps me out a bit. Kovey if you read this; is that person smashed in half that's on your blog real? D:

Jarrad came over today caus Tammie had to work. We watched Dexter and snuggled in a Barbie doona. :3 And we did other cool stuff like play with the shit skateboard in the park. And I took some photos but they weren't good at all, :(. I need more people to take photos of -.-
I love jarrad, :)

I miss you,
I think that I had an amazing sleep last night, :)

Hopefully dad can borrow the camera from tafe again until mine comes. And hopefully he doesn't forget to ask if I can borrow lenses for the holidays >_>. My dad's a weirdy. He always has to make sure everyone in the house knows he's leaving to go out somewhere; then, he ALWAYS forgets something and has to come back inside. Always.

Anyways, I'm probably going shopping with tammie today. Although I have no money ._. Only enough to buy like one stretcher which is the only thing I'll prolly buy. Unless I buy more nail polish from hairhouse warehouse >__<.

Weeew, dad got Dexter for me. Must watch.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's great how all my rants are about my parents, :|

I don't like my parents sometimes. Like, as of now. I guess I'm only pissed off because mum and dad changed the password to my login on the computer because 'everyone's on the computer too much'; fuck off, six people live in this house and we have two computers. Six people to two computers means that at least one person is probably going to be on one at any one time, DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO PUNISH ME FOR IT.

Guuuuuuuuh I needed to go on today as well, to do art homework-ey stuff. And I needed to do my booklist. Which, I did. But mum, after asking her about three times to put her credit card number into the form, still didn't do it and went to bed instead. So now, I'm going to have to ask her to turn the computer on for me tomorrow so I can do it all again. So, she's going to get pissed off at me for asking about the computer again. It wouldn't be a problem if they didn't change my fucking password, actually.
I'm going to be in year 11 next year; I'm going to need time to do homework and essays and shit. And I'm just going to get yelled at because I won't have my own computer or anything to use, because mum will just have fucking stupid 'computer' bans and restrictions. All because of tom and emi being little shitheads and making her angry.

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents. I just wish they would fucking let me grow up. I'm actually trying, really hard, to do stuff for myself. It all seems to be fine with them, if it involves money - mum makes me buy 90% of my own clothes and, well, everything. Anything else, like if I want to go out or get another piercing or have friends over [that aren't girls], then it's noo, wait until you're 18. Fuck off, how about no. They always use to say during these past years "you're going on exchange in year 11." And I was like ummm, no. Then mum would always say "but you'll mature a lot and learn lots of things - blah blah". I bet that if I ask her to go someplace like melbourne, by myself, or to go see jake for like a few days, that she'll say no. When I really don't see much difference between the exchange and me going another place by myself.

Whatever, fuck everything. I'm sick of still asking for things I'm not going to get. At least dad's looking for a camera already. I need one like, this week, and it's pissing me off that there are no working cameras in this fucking house. GRRR.
I'd rather learn my own lesson than get kicked in the face every time I ask for some independence.
I am sooo so happy about no more school for like two months, :)

I don't really know what to write haha. I've been taking inspiration photos from the internet all morning. I think my visual diary will have too many photos that aren't mine ._. I really really need a new camera so I can start taking some of my own, D:

Anyways; I did Ellie's hair today heheh in a quiff. And it was a little too big. I need a new comb, though and some new bobby pins. I'm gunna get some today, :).

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

30 days till christmas

Pretty sure I love my life right at this second. I've realised that I actually have lots of friends; I just didn't think so becaus I like having one or two close friends at a time, so I didn't count all my friends as friends. If that makes sense, :).

Christmas is so so close, :) Pretty sure it's thirty days, now. Hehe nevershoutnever. I need money to get mum and jarrad a christmas present D: Goddammit. I think that there should be another name for christmas for non-jesus-types. Caus I feel kinda stupid saying 'christ'mas all the time, when I honestly couldn't give a shit about god or jesus at all. I used to love jesus; until Catholic College pissed me off. Thank them for making me hate all religion, :D

I feel like talking to someone new, right now. Whoever's up for it, my window's open, climb through.
I've been so sick these past few days, :( It's been the worst; I couldn't eat or lift my doona or even open my water bottle. I'm better now, though.

Guh, year 11 sucks. Hahahahah I'm saying this now and I've only been to three periods of year 11 classes. Nah, sociology seems heaps easy. And mr. fox is an air head, too which is a plus. Art should be easy with mrs. king; she's an air head too, :} Psychology should be alright. Except the teacher seems like a person who can be a bitch as well as heaps nice. I still have to sort out my subjects, though I have empty boxes S: I doubt I'll get hair and beauty now, since it's thursday tomorrow and everyone will have gotten the good subjects. So i'll probably be left with something like maths, D: yuck yuck yuck.

This summer is going to be brilliant, :). I can't wait to work at the cafe at the river with eric hehe. And see jakerr. And stuff like that, :D. I am not looking forward to working at coles, where it all counts, though. Judy moody called me today and raged at me for not calling for like a week and a half. Bitch.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

I watched Coraline today. Pretty sure that it was good as, :). Evil anorexic mum dolls ftw.

Schoool tomorrow, :[. I get to go home after lunch time, though caus I have to go the the icecream shop to let the coke man deliver coke. Anyways, I'm dead tired. I have to call judy moody in the morning, too to ask for more shifts. Oh, JOY.

I need books to write in for this week of school, dammit >_<.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I always get angry when Jarrad has to go home, :|. Pretty sure mum should just let him stay; there's nothing wrong with it in my opinion. What if my only best friend was a boy, would she let him stay? No. Caus she's a cow and thinks 'things' would happen. Pretty sure that nothing would happen if we were only friends..
Ffs what does she think, jarrad and I would have sex or something? Pretty sure that we wouldn't have sex while they're in the house, we would watch movies or be asleep. She's let him stay once before so why not now. Fuckhead..

She just better know that she can't keep track of me forever; I got a fucking job because she told me to, it's the worst thing that I've done all year - thanks to Judy Moody; she can stick a pen up her arse - and she hasn't let me do anything I've asked. She still won't let me go out or have jarrad here again or get my septum done or anything. She knows I'm going to try new stuff eventually, she's just making it worse by trying to restrict me.

Well I want to go away by myself these holidays, to see people in Melbourne or Bendigo, without telling her. I know that will probably just get me into more trouble, but I really could not give a fuck. Because I've learned one thing about being a teenager and that is that when we want something bad enough and aren't allowed whatever it is, we get really angry. Or maybe that's just me. Hey, maybe I'm just acting like a brat, I know I'm not 21, but all I want is for my boyfriend to stay over; he's my only best friend right now and I feel like shit, I want him here so I can go to sleep happy. Is that too much to ask?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Goddammit I hate periods. I wish mum would let me to on the fucking pill already, I'm sick of my tummy hurting so much :(. The only thing it's good for is days off school.

I was meant to out with Jarrad tonight but I don't think I will be going now, :(. At least it's raining, that makes everything better, :) Although it's kinda boring here now. I just watched Basil Brush and Old Tom, S: I haven't seen those shows in ages hahaha.
My hair is brown now, :D. Only at like the back, though. It's still white at the front haha. I'd have pictures, but my camera's broken. Guhhh,

My feet hurt so much, I walked so much yesterday hahah. I was walking to meet Jarrad, but we were on opposite sides of Beechworth road, and he didn't recognise me caus of my hair so I walked more than necessary, D: Ehh, I wish Jarrad coulda stayed last night. Cuddles would've been nice. :[
Ew, there's so so many moths out at night time now. Jarrad and I went for a walk last night through the park and all the moths just swarmed, D: It was yuckyy aaas.

I feel like making a cake.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I downloaded a song called Picture Frames last night by a band I hadn't heard of. And then I listened to it and it was the song off the milk ad I always sing to when it comes onnnn. Pretty sure I love my life right now becaus of that.

I so aced my art exam, :D. I answered all the questions until I filled up all the lines. I better get at least 80% or I'll get angry and turn into the PMS lady from the IT Crowd.

Working with eric is the best, ahaha. We went to chicken stop to buy icey poles and water. And then we were feeding the sparrows outside. Except I couldn't throw stuff far enough so they got too scared and didn't eat the stuff I threw at them, D: Then I'm pree sure I got bird shit on my leg. Thanks a lot birds, I'll never feed you ever again. D:<

Hahaha I've realised that everytime I get angry or upset, I change my top friends on myspace. And then when I'm happy I change it all back. I suck.

I have my last exam today ^-^. It's my studio arts general exam; I think I should go over my visual diary and look at all the theory we did but I kiiiiinda can't be bothered. Which is bad, haha.

I need some new indie music to listen to, :} Or something. I want to find that goddamn song, grrr.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I love all the people who are nice to me :). If you've ever been nice to me then I just wana say that I love yyou :). Hahah, nyways I've decided to dye my hair brown on Thursday. Or maybe not, I dunno. D: I'll ask my hairdresser; and anyways I still have a whole day to decide -_-. Sometimes I wish people would say how I had to have my hair for me. My hairdresser place was gunna use me for a hair model, like they'd decide what to do with it and shit, for a competition. But they never ended up doing it ffs. And they can't really now haha since I'd get sacked from my job if I get anymore colour in it. :( My life is ruined. Not really; I'd better still be able to have two natural colours in but. Or I'll stab judy like a motherbitchh ;). Hahaha I love the Mighty Boosh. Mum got it for me for Christmas ^-^. I had to wrap it up, though which was kinda stupid.

I need to paint my nails again. I might do them fluro pink :). Then I'm gunna go download Pink Floyd. Haha I didn't even mean to say two pink things ._.
Haha today's exam was by far the best. It was music, and we had to lie on the floor caus someone had taken all the tables and chairs out of the room. :/
Anyways, it wasnt that hard, we just had to do intervals and shit and then listen to some songs. Eric made me cry from laughing though, caus the second song we had to analyse sounded like something out of a porno, and he was doing dialouge and shit in time with the music. Hahaha fuck sake..
Anyway we finished the exam like half an hour early so we just stood around and talked about what tattoo eric's gunna get. HAHA I jokingly said he should get a sleeve of tattoos and Chris was like "or you could just tattoo on a shirt sleeve!" it was the worst thing I've ever heard; he also said that he should get a shoe tattooed onto his foot. Then we ran away before he could say anything else about clothes as tattoos -_-. Eeeh, then we had to wait for Eric's brother to finish his exam. And we ran into Joe and Perri on the wayyy. It was so hot outside :|. Hahha we ended up watching Bring Me the Horizon and Pink music videos. Then Tammie came and we bitched about Twilight for ages ;D

Stephenie Meyer can go burn in literature hell. I think I burned my nails from filing them too much and too quickly, S: They smell burned anyway,.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pretty sure I don't mean it, but I seem to dislike most people until I know them. I also feel so much older than I am, :(. I see girls my age and roll my eyes at them, even though I'm exactly the same as them. Probably because I hang around people that is 16+. But still.. I feel like a contradiction or something since I hate hurting people in any way, and still I think that I don't like people I've never met. It's driving me fucking crazy, I don't like it.
Pree sure I'm in one of those emo fml moods. All caus Cassie couldn't come and get me to go to freeza today. And it's pissing me off. And my fingers are all tingly, I don't think it's a good sign. S:

The humanities exam was boring. All my answers were just bullshit since I couldn't be bothered trying. Actually that was a lie, I tried really hard, :(. I just didn't understand or particularly care about it. And I spent most of my time thinking how good it will be next year without mr. matthews as my teacher. Goddammit he used to give me headaches in class, since his 'talking, inside' voice was actually a 'let's yell until we combust some kid's skulls' voice.

I'm sick of this feeling and I'm sick of this place and family. I'm sick of everyone being in my face all the fucking time.

+ I don't need you or anyone.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

heart's gone

I'm sick of this place. I want out now.


I'm thinking of colouring my hair brown. But I'm not too sure >__<. Anyone think I should do it?

Friday, November 13, 2009

growed up,

I hate growing up. Suddenly there's all these new problems and stuff we have to worry about. And I hate Coles, apparently they know we have a life outside of work. If that's so then why the fuck do they tell me to work five days in a row. Then dad wants me to work at the icecream shop before and/or after working at Coles. Then I also have to go to school and be expected to do heaps good. Well fuck that, I'm too tired to do this every week :(.

Pree sure I'm still angry about this global warming thing. Politicians don't give a shit about what's going to happen in fifty or so years, they'll be dead. They'd rather spend money on stupid stuff instead of making everything better. People should just get along so we wouldn't need money. But I guess that's just not going to happen so i'll stop ranting,


Condition the air. And make more global warming. Seriously though, people must not really CARE that much about this whole global warming issue. No one wants to buy solar panels or use wind energy etc caus it's too expensive.

What's more important; money or humanity?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

pretty sure that those bugs are having sex on my computer screen.
seedy as ..


I really really want my septum done right at this moment.
I slightly hate my life.


Guh, I'm so tired.

Pretty sure I tried so so hard in my maths exam today. Even though I didn't study caus I didn't know how to do any of the formulas, I didn't have a summary sheet, and I didn't have one of them fancy scientific calculators. I think I did very well :).
The best part of the whole exam was when the teacher that looks like a turtle tripped on a chair. I laughed.

Anyways, then me and Eric went to Target. Baha, I hate the guy who has to check your bags when you walk out, he's scary. -_-
And and and I got a ice cream cookie, ^-^. Hahaha we were gunna walk to Jarrad's house. But then went to Billy Hyde's instead to look at ukuleles :D. Then we were gunna go to that place in High Street where they give you free condoms but the place was too intimidating and it would have been awkward for us, so we didn't.

Work was alright I gueeeees. Although my feet were killing me about an hour into my shift which sucked so much. D: Ewh and the boss man was there so we had to be busy ALL the time which meant I couldn't lean on the counter when I wasn't serving people. :(
He came up to me aswell, and I was scared. But he just wanted to tell me that last week when they had the mystery shoppers come through, one of them came through my register. And I got 100% or some shit, which is apparently good caus it means he doesn't get sacked. :/

Anyways, I'm going to bed. There's these little bug things flying into my face and up my nose and it's pissing me off.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Why do some 'vegetarians' eat fish and chicken? It shouldn't matter if it's white meat or not, if you're vegetarian shouldn't you eat no meat at all? Why call yourself one, otherwise? It doesn't make sense to me.


Pretty sure that my legs are so sore from walking heaps today :(. I think I did okay on my English exam. Although the essay and letter to the editor I wrote were full of bullshit and made no sense.
After the exam me and tammie and eric went to the plaza, haha. Then eric and I went to work ;D. I taught him how to scoop icecream and shit :). (I also bet him at chess in like two minutes, suckaa)

Ehh it got so busy at the shop D: some old lady was getting angry caus she had to wait a while for her milkshake. She couldve at least had some paitence, couldn't she see I was trying to serve like six customers at once, plus make her milkshake, plus make like two iced chocolates and an iced coffee. For fuck sake, :(.

I really don't want to work tomorrow :'(. I have my maths exam in the morning, then the icecream shop then I have to work at Coles. -_- I feel tired just thinking about it already hah..
Pree sure I wish he'd reply already. He's pissing me off.

I spilt chocolate milk on my phone today hahaha. Lucky it still works D:


I love mornings in Spring. Caus it's hot enough to sleep in your underwear, but not too hot that you can't sleep under blankets. Same in the evening times, it's nice outside :). Summer is shit, though. I'll probably die from how hot it's gunna get. D:

Exam timeee, oh, JOY.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

not worth it

Pretty sure I saved a blue tongue lizard from my dog ;__;. Why does she have to be so ew and mean to lizards. Hahah dad's like "Oh, I want to get rid of her now, she just kills wildlife all the time blah blah.." He just hates pets :). But yes, Moo's a shithead for almost killing that lizard :'(.

He's pissed me off again. I know he's not worth it, he can be a shit friend. But I can't help myself, since I'm so low in the friend's department,,

I need more music to listen to; I dunno what to download, though.

got letters ?

I love the Genius thing on iTunes :), it really is a genius. Hahaha.

I just spent like an hour looking through all this old stuff from 2008 and term one of 2009. I miss last year :(.

Cassie, Catholic College, Kinners (Werewolf man), Mrs. Cirobitch, Shovel Face, Karan, Kath P, wodonga suicide bridge, water ices, charcoal chicken, Corey, mini white glasses, giving James and Ben goodbye cards, fluro, makeup, End of Fashion, calipo, Jeremy, "Gyro", "Mikey", happy motherfucking christmas, Mrs. Cross, detention with Mr. D, Mr. D, Mr. Terril, "I'll have to call your parents", "PUT THAT PEN DOWN", rory, the sugar incident [in French], english with Mrs. Sturgess, the man in the tree, Stan, the Amazing Race, Antman, "Don't fucking touch me", fake nails, highlighters on the table, chocolate milk, the vending machine, hiding from Jack Pedo, 'John Cocky', Lounging on High, phonecalls, Jaker, Nick, My Chemical Romance, uniform check, tipping popcorn all over the cinema floor, Mibba, Myspace, The Getaway Plan, Oliver Sykes, painting outside of T block, Mr. Mansfield [is very sick], Judy Hickey [bitchhh], stretched ears, Utah, eyeliner disaster, fighting in maths, "Shut ya face", skipping PE, getting caught skipping PE, homebase with Ms. Seiter, jesus, sleeping on the trampoline, walking so much our feet got blisters, good morning texts, 'ding ding ding, goodmorning .. BA BA BA', fighting over the iPod, scenie tryhard, Corey pretending to talk on his phone to be cool, Corey breaking his skateboard, "tattoos blah blah", French classes, Rory under the table, Matt O telling me to cut my throat, kicking Matt O, laughing until we cried or pissed ourselves, Kath P's sunglasses, going to Melbourne, ski camp, the weir, Kath P falling into the bin, Kath P crying, getting kicked out of T block, "What do you do when it's in your mouth?" "Swallow it.", Ms. Quinn, getting yelled at, stalking people at lunchtime, drawing Antman's hair.

why would he believe in me

It's funny how I'm always late/JUST on time to school, but when I decide to skip the day, I'm ready at like 8:30, so I could be early if I wanted to be. Sometimes I just think aw what the hell I'll just go then. But then I end up fucking around for like fifteen minutes, so I'm late anyways.

Badluck, I didn't want to go today. Dad came home again though. So mum'll probably find out and rage at me. Meh, I wouldn't've done anything today anyways. I don't really give a toss about these exams; I'm not going to be doing maths or music or biology next year anyways. I'm so so happy about that haha :D.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

no sex

personal joke


Pretty sure that I would like my septum done. Right now. I'm not enjoying having lame parentals right now >_<. I still have to take back those shoes I brought the other weekend. I need a bigger size caus I have fat feet :D!

I really must do my homework. But there's too many distractions -_-. I also need to shower and get ready for work, draw some more clothes for my paper dolls art project, let Dexter inside, write Joey a letter [:D] and play with the scanner for a bit.

I just went on mibba and changed a heap of stuff :0. I haven't been on there in AGES. I guess that just shows that I'll do anything to be more distracted and not do my essays. Heh ..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Is a bad thing. And I always seem to do it haha. These essays were due on the 18th of September D: And I'm meant to be doing them now but I really couldn't be fucked to be honest. I'm pretty sure that Wayne Theibaud was just advertising when he painted shit like bakery counters and pies, there's no deep meaning behind them that I have to portray. Ffs, look at the painting. It just looks like cakes and it's meant to look pretty. Analyzing art is shit.

Dammit I'm cold. I just want to go to bed ahah. But I can't caus I have to do this essay shit.

Haha we had sex ed today. Which was good caus it was heaps bludge and we missed out on maths and english :D. It was kinda boring, but. The sex lady just talked about chlamydia and condom sombreros :S.

Yuuck. Murph is saying that if he had a vagina he'd put mice up there and shit. That just reminds me of the eel porn Eric was telling me about. Bahahahha.

Shiiiit. Well, pretty sure I've managed to get none of this stupid essay written. I'll just have to do it tomorrow night or tomorrow if I get to stay home or something. Which I probably won't be able to caus mum will rage at me in the morning to get up and go to school. So now that I've stayed up so so late, I'll be tired in the morning, and tired for work in the night time. I'm a fuckhead.

I think I've used the word 'shit' in this too many times haha. I want new piano books. Eeeeh, bed sounds heaps good right about now. Goodnight shitbox, blog thing or whatever.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I always get inspired by shit and then I never do anything about it. I found this girl's online photography folio, and her photos are amazing. I've wanted to do photography on and off since last year, but I never really did anything. Probably only caus I have a shit camera.. And wodonga's not very pretty, and no one really wants to be photographed haha. I'm not even doing any photography classes anyways, so.. I wonder if it's not too late to change classes for next year already ._.


Pretty sure days off school go heaps quick :(. Jarrad came over today. Hahaha we had fun painting my tummy :D then we went swimming even though it was cold today :S.

Fuck sake, I hate this family sometimes. Tom and Ellie do shit all in housework and doing stuff for other people. Dad just reads the paper, making dad jokes and saying that he'll clean things up, when he actually doesn't do anything, he just ends up yelling at everyone to do it for him. Emilia just gets annoying and shows off and squeals a lot. Tom also constantly nags mum about the computer and tv and playstation, even after mum tells him not to talk to her about it. And then mum just goes around yelling and getting stressed about shit. Then she rages at one person and makes consequenses for everyone. Like, just tonight she's banned everone from using the computer for a week, just because one person didn't, I dunno, do one thing. I need to do homework :[ But I know if I ask her to use it, she'll fucking murder me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

suicide season

Guess what came out todayyyy :D.
I know people like Jarrad and Ben will be heaps happy to know that Suicide Season Cut Up by Bring Me the Horizon is out nowwww; and I'm gunna buy it ;D.

Nawr,, i'll just be happy about it with Eric. Since he likes that shit too :). Baha his leg hair looks like pubes *snorts*. Not really ._.

um, ow

Pretty sure my cat is a bitch since she just like clawed my fucking foot.
Ow D:<


It was so so hard to get up this morning :[ I'm so tired.
School was shit as always. Mr Barry really needs to learn not to talk for so long D: It's alright though caus we got m & m's haha. It was so hot outside today D; Ewh I wish the Stoop wasn't so obsessed with spit and dicks hahaha. Recess times make me fml sometimes. My nan called today. And I found out that mitch and tom ayton's grandma is my nan's sister :0
Pretty sure English is the worst class. Caus mr matthews is a fuckhead that yells all the time, he practically just hates on everyone :| I don't like writing or reading shit essays and articles..

Ehh the rest of the day was pree shit. I fell asleep when I got home haha. Then dad told me to help with tea and I was like umm no. So he put a moth on me and I told him to piss off so he took away my phone and iPod :/. Guhh so I got angry and walked to coles to buy a box of water ice blocks. Haha I sat down in Stanley Street and ate like six of them D:

Pretty sure that parents are fucking annoying. I only want two things, which aren't even bad. Nehh, anyways. I feel like watching the Mighty Boosh but dads watching Nurse Jackie soo I can't :/.

Pree sure I wish I couldve seen cassie or someone today. I need more friends haha<3


I love night times. Especially on nights like tonight where it's not too hot and not too cold. It's nice laying on my bed with the window open, caus I can look out at the moon. It's beautiful<3

I'm going to be so tired tomorrow :[.

Sunday, November 1, 2009



"You're only as tall as your heart will let you be
And you're only as small as the world will make you seem
When the going gets rough and you feel like you may fall
Just look on the brightside - you're roughly six feet tall"

fluro orange

Today was awesome :).
Woke up this morning and went to Safeway with dad. Omg he's the worst to go shopping with, he had to look at every single thing that was reduced. Then he had to decide if he needed it or not. And I never realised that Safeway on High Street is so pov.. I guess it was worth it though, he got me tights that don't make my legs look orange. And then gave me that yogurt icecream stuff that's so soo good n-n

Anyways then tammie came and we went to Albury :D, that was the best haha. We just ended up buying shit. Pree sure Target ripped us off with a bag thing we both bought. Since I got one pretty much the same for like thirteen dollars cheaper from Cotton On. Dammit, I wanted that dress. Yeeew we also got a book called Nightlight, or someth along those lines, which is just a parody of Twilight. It's so good hahah, I hate Twilight :).
Baha we also went to Myer. And put on tester lipstick. Pretty sure we have some disease now :/. I finally got new shoes ;D But I need to swap them for like one size bigger caus I'm an idiot and didn't try them on properly .-. Hopefully I'll be able to swap them over tomorrow. I doubt it, though ..

Then jarrad came over and we went swimming :). He wet my hair the bitch; nar I love him<3