Tuesday, March 30, 2010

showed mum my septum today.
she hardly cared ;/
the greatest, hahah

im thinking about downloading some movies so i dont die of bordem in tasmania. i really doubt anything will work/download, though. there's no fucking free disk space on this laptop.
The past few days with cassie has been heaps fun, :}
i met heaps of new people, and got to know people i already know. saturday night we sat outside the cemetery with cigarettes. we found it cliche as that every gate of the cemetery creaked ._.

sunday night, we got rained on. as soon as we got out of joel's car, it started pouring down. hahah we had to stand under someone's porch again. it took ages to get to morgan's anyway, so we were soaked. lucky i was wearing boy underwear and they had a spare shirt, caus my clothes were dripping and had to take them off D: it turned out to be a good night anyway, although me and cassie almost died getting UDLs caus they were in the basement and we couldnt find the god damn light switch. the hammock was the greatest, i squished in with chevy and it was so warm. surprisingly when me and cassie walked home, nothing happened to us, hah :) + we made the worst mi goreng when we got home haha, it wasnt even cooked properly. ewwie.

monday night we went to jed's. we got eaten by mosquitoes in the first two minutes of waiting at the park for them all to come. jesse took fecking ages to come, and he paid for the cruisers so no one was allowed to have any until he got there. so we watched jackass and smoked all of jayden's cigarettes. pretty sure it was VERY funny when the guy on tv had stilts on and he kept falling over, although no one else was laughing. fuck yas, haha. cassie and i discovered we were shit at aiming for ash trays, there was ash aaaall over the couch, hah.
hmm, the night went heaps fast anyway, prolly caus i got so drunk -_- i didnt even know i was that drunk until morgan asked how many drinks i had;

'seriously, how many did you drink?'
'umm, a clear one, two red ones, a blue one..'
'is that all?'
'and a yellow one... *hangs head shamefully*'

then i think i told chevy we had the same jumper on and was trying to convince him to swap caus his was cleaner than mine. i also hung upside down over the couch and tried to light a match on fire which just resulted in me burning my fingers because of course, the flame goes up, and upside down, your fingers are also up.
then we got picked up at around 12, went to micky d's and got served by the gayest guy. he gave us the boy's toy in our happy meals -_-

silly silly silly. nights with cassie are fun. to an extent ;D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

toast and milo is the greatest food in the world. i use to live off that stuff. i had a pretty good day today i spose. did shit all in everything except hair and beauty; i washed and curled shilo's hair. and FINALLY figured out how to finish curls. so, basically accomplished life today. the makeup people replied too, and they have to call me sometime this week, which made me very happy too. finally, mum can't go on about how i don't ever want to achieve anything in life, blah blah. shut uuup, i wanna do heaps of stuff.

I'd really like to let mum know about my septum already, too. i want to wear it down more. she'll hate me forever though, and dad'll make stupid jokes about it and say how ugly it is hahah.

I need a haircut and my own laptop. donations?
Im so glad school's almost over -___-
Break timeee :D not from work though which will be shit. at least ill get money i spose.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

dad has the worst cold, he sounds rank as
well, today i was an awesome kid and went to get my septum pierced. jarrad came with me, pretty sure he got heaps annoyed at me caus i kept worrying if theyd ask for ID. i had the nice lady, but
i cant believe i actually went through with it, especially after people telling me it hurts like a bitch ;/ it wasnt even that bad after all. jarrad was a bitch though, he didnt let me hold his hand. im not gunna hold his hand when he gets a tattoo. haaha .__. it was the worst when i got home though, i couldnt flip up the horseshoe caus it was stuck with dry blood and yuck stuff, so mum almost seen it. she woulda gone mental :0

anyways, i also made a milo cheesecake today, which turned into a bit of a fail. jarrad kept licking everything and he burnt the butter but apart from that he was very helpful ;D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I love how teenagers are so cool.

we smoke to fit in, drink to act like a fuckhead and dress like we want you in our pants. it's a competition for how many people we can sleep with before 18.
we inflict pain on ourselves to look cool, by tapering our lobes to ridiculous sizes, getting ink permanently put on our skin and pieces of metal in our bodies. who cares about the environment, we'll fix everything with robots and computers when the earth is at crisis point. and if that doesnt work, mum will fix it up.

everything is fine, i read so on the prime minister's facebook.

turn the music up, bitch, my ears arent bleeding yet.

we talk to people because theyre hot, tease people who are different, and hate people who are better looking than us. we love the word cunt because it makes us feel tough, we want to fight you. there are wars between stereotypes because if youre different, then we think you should be dead.
it's awesome to fail school and do nothing with your life except play computer games and shoplift. working is overrated, ever heard of centerlink or prostitution?
we think dating a person means owning them. we own them and dont give a shit about their feelings, theyre just an object for fuck sake.
what's a condom? i dont need them, i dont get pregnant. if i do ill just get an abortion anyway.

we spend so much on shit we dont need. we lose money. we dont know how to save up. money passes through our hands so fast, it's like we never had it in the first place.
we think we're in invincible, no reckless driving, sti or accident can hurt us. we do what we want, when we want, because we're the only people that matter.

i love underwater photos, :)

maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gunna be my year
and I'm so sick of watching as the minutes pass and I go nowhere
and this is my reaction
to everything I fear
cause I've been going crazy I don't want to waste another minute here
just watching some booosh. sick way to spend a saturday, hay ;/

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

oh yessss, and
i love antman :D

pretty sure that, life is shit :D
schools boring, friends = ?, work is bad, family = *necks self*

i don't wanna grow up anymore, everyone expects you to make choices and be successful ;/
and they ESPECIALLY want to know what you're gunna be when you grow up. i don't feckin know, ask me if a few years.

im sleepy, :D

Monday, March 8, 2010

you have got to be kidding me. right at this second, i wish i wasn't me. then maybe I'd actually have more than like two friends.

fine, you know what. screw trying to be friends with boys all together.