Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I love all the people who are nice to me :). If you've ever been nice to me then I just wana say that I love yyou :). Hahah, nyways I've decided to dye my hair brown on Thursday. Or maybe not, I dunno. D: I'll ask my hairdresser; and anyways I still have a whole day to decide -_-. Sometimes I wish people would say how I had to have my hair for me. My hairdresser place was gunna use me for a hair model, like they'd decide what to do with it and shit, for a competition. But they never ended up doing it ffs. And they can't really now haha since I'd get sacked from my job if I get anymore colour in it. :( My life is ruined. Not really; I'd better still be able to have two natural colours in but. Or I'll stab judy like a motherbitchh ;). Hahaha I love the Mighty Boosh. Mum got it for me for Christmas ^-^. I had to wrap it up, though which was kinda stupid.

I need to paint my nails again. I might do them fluro pink :). Then I'm gunna go download Pink Floyd. Haha I didn't even mean to say two pink things ._.

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