Wednesday, November 25, 2009

30 days till christmas

Pretty sure I love my life right at this second. I've realised that I actually have lots of friends; I just didn't think so becaus I like having one or two close friends at a time, so I didn't count all my friends as friends. If that makes sense, :).

Christmas is so so close, :) Pretty sure it's thirty days, now. Hehe nevershoutnever. I need money to get mum and jarrad a christmas present D: Goddammit. I think that there should be another name for christmas for non-jesus-types. Caus I feel kinda stupid saying 'christ'mas all the time, when I honestly couldn't give a shit about god or jesus at all. I used to love jesus; until Catholic College pissed me off. Thank them for making me hate all religion, :D

I feel like talking to someone new, right now. Whoever's up for it, my window's open, climb through.

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