Monday, May 31, 2010

yeah okay, half of my files just disappeared. stupid computer, or stupid me?
today i had my english exam. my essay on the book we were reading was TERRIBLE. i literally re-told the story which is a massive no no. but, whatever, i couldnt think of anything to write that wasnt re-telling. the essay questions were shit, anyway. but i did well on my text respose :3 it was easy peasy. shame it is only worth 20 marks while my essay is suppose to be 40 marks. whatevs :)
tomorrow i think i have a sociology exam, kewl.

wednesday i have a psychology exam, then in the afternoon i have to go get some more worksheets for my retail certificate from the tafe lady. then im going with jarrad to get his hair cut. thursday i have health and human exam (ew), then work, then friday nothing, then work.

+ two new pictures on my flickr :)
too many pictures! D:
ive started up my tumblr again :) go take a look perhaps,

i like low contrasty photos

Sunday, May 30, 2010

this picture.
i feel all fuzzy and weird. it's either this picture or im super sleepy.
i better go to bed anyway, i have an exam first up tomorrow.
oh shit, :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

i would like to do something different, everything is boring with school, work, home, blah blah BLAH. Ms Bell was trying to help me with career options last week. Was a nice gesture but, i didnt want any advice on being a graphic designer etc., what universities and tafes had good courses and, being told that the career i had in mind wouldnt be furflilling offended me. upside of it was that i basically missed out on a whole lesson of doing health and human, although when i think twice about it, i think i would have rathered the work than all the annoying help Bell was trying to give me.
i have exams next week, really not caring at all. i dont like school, i dont like SACs and i dont care about essays or short answer questions on exams.
and, i have decided that i need to take a calculator to work. i pressed a wrong button on my register screen while processing some old lady's change which resulted in me and the girl on the register next to me spending five minutes trying to work out the fucking change we owed her. the lady angrily repeated that the correct change was $30, so in the end we gave it to her. turns out we worked it out after she left and the fuckhead was wrong, the correct change was actually $35. she was a bitch.