Thursday, June 24, 2010

i needa go to the plaza to buy some stuff but i cant be bothered :c
maybe i just dont wanna go by myself

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

weeew i made chocolate mousse. it'll probably be really flat though, i suck at making things with whipped egg whites, ie. things like meringue, -_- mum's in a good mooood, so she let me stay home again. eheh, she's leaving with dad early tomorrow morning for their holiday c:

nyways im going to eat toast and watch mighty boosh, or somethinggg

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i beeen sick with a cold thanks to my lovely boyfriend -_- but, i don't even care, since i haven't had to go to school the past couple days :3 tom's been sick too so we've been playing super mario galaxy and eating toast and milo all dayyy, it's been great. i'll have to go to school tomorrow though, not happy. apparently it's casual wear tomorrow too. i hate casual clothes days at school :/ we have a uniform so I'll wear it since they're always ramming it down our throats that we need correct uniform, blah blah.
i have psych tomorrow morning, SIGH. boringest class ever :( i hate all my subjects, they're so so boring. health and human is the main offender though. second is psych then sociology. anyway, i could go on about how much i hate school forever. but im not going to c:

saw lisa on friday, i felt better after seeing her. she's the greatest :)
Melbourne was great, mum and i went shopping, we didn't get much though. only a few things from op shops and from docklands. it was rainy :) i went to ABBA world with mum too, it wasn't too bad, we just walked around for a bit then left. we were going to go into the tim burton thing but decided not to; we'll go back another time and mum can go to ABBA world again with her friends and i can go into the tim burton one haha. then we'll go to the titanic thing at melbourne museum c:
we didn't get to go to the camera shop which kinda sucks, we didn't have a map detailed enough. i also found a place in the city that sells instant film cameras, i might buy one when i have a spare $200 lying around >___> or jarrad can just buy me one off eBay for my birthday ;D

im going to Queensland with jarrad on fridayy, im excited :3 i hope his dad likes me but. he sounded funny on the phone and said 'ay' a lot though, :D hopefully i get enough sleep there though or I'll be grumpy haha c: sleeping in the same bed as jarrad is like sleeping in a cage -__- he doesn't leave any room to move, no matter how big the freaking bed is hahah.

anyways, pretty sure there's no excuse for me to stay home tomorrow. dammit school ;/ i shouldn't complain really, next year looks to me that I'll be going to tafe plus working at coles more. i hate work, i hate everything -_-

nar, not really, byes :D!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

i finally know what i want to do for my final in art for the end of the year c:
kind of.

i doubt ill do a good job of it though haa c:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what actually is photography, like, when is it considered an art? this semester im doing photography, and i dont want to go ahead and do whatever i want because im scared ms king will come along and be like 'youre doing this for your final..? it's not original, it's not art, it's blah blah blah,' shes said that to me like 10 times already this year. it makes me so annoyed ._.
i dont even know where to start. ill probably just stick a bunch of photos i like in my book, then write down ideas for shoots. no one ever wants to model for me though ahah, apart from ellie when i force her. i suppose im just going towards one final piece though, so it doesnt matter, there'll only be like, one photo. i dont know what im saying. i need more friends to take photos of, sigh.
ill probably also just take a bunch of random photos so i have heaps. blah blah, i hate art when it comes to thinking of what to do and doing one thing.i guess it would also be hard to do something like photography in a class because what would i do in class times, -_- i sure know that ill be doing nothing. next year im not doing year 12. ill probably go to tafe and do a course that leads up to the makeup artist course thing im gunna do the year after. which means another year in wodonga, weew. not.

im excited, i get my l's soon because it will be my 16th birthday sooon :} kind of excited, kind of not. i know im not getting what i want for my birthday, dad's a cheapskate that gave me an old second hand ipod touch last year aaand yeah mum doesnt have a job at the moment so we dont have much money ay. whatever, i dont even care.

going to see lisa friday afternoon then driving down to melbourne with mum. school tomorrow, which means i will be in a bad mood, goodnight :)
yeaaaaah :D
i think i found where to buy holga cameras, film and get them developed. but it's in melbourne. LUCKY IM GOING THERE ON THE WEEKEND AY.

*so happy*

yeah kay, my mood was just dashed because mum wants to go to fedsquare to see ABBA land or something D:

i would really like a holga and a fisheye cameraaaa. my birthday is in a month, thanks, please? D:

Monday, June 14, 2010

i dont want to go to school tomorrow, or ever .__.
and why are my eyes always closed in pictures D:
it is jarrad's and my 11 months today,
i love him so much, :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

last night jarrad stayed over, it was the best night, i like it when he stays. we watched ncis and cuddled with moo until midnight, then went to sleep. in the morning we ate the whole house out then took moo for a walk to willow park. she wasnt even excited, she was more excited to go home ._. shes a bitch. jarrad's lost his wallet, maybe at my house and now i have to find it -__- sigh.

photoshop experimenting, again

Thursday, June 10, 2010

GAT exam was boring. i used the opinionated writing piece - the topic was cities - to complain about how dull, bitter and boring rural towns are, like wodonga.
i was so tired at work, my feet still hurt from standing for so long. thank god i have no school tomorrow and no more work until next thursday, im too tired to care about anything else apart from sleeping ;[

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the internet is being real slow and it's pissing me offff. dad is also pissing me off, and the exam tomorrow. i do not want to go because it wont do anything for me except give me a headache. im not even going to do year 12, i dont even know what im going to do next year. probably nothing, i'll only be 16. no, im definately going to school, mum and dad will make sure of that. so i'll have a good life or some shit. good joke :D
i hate wodonga and wodonga seinor and everyone in it and everyone here and uihjksfdjb me.
i blame that fuckhead for my shit mood and for hating myself. i wish i never met him, hes a fucking liar that sweettalks his way to whatever the fuck he wants. and everytime im happy, something reminds me of him and i just want to die. why cant he just stay out of my head.
jarrrad thinks everything will be okay while hes in queensland for three fucking years, good joke. hes not going to matter to me and im not going to matter to him once hes gone, he wont come back. i hate that theres like, a countdown until he leaves. its the worst. and hes all happy like, 'aw it'll work out heaps good'. no it wont, it really wont. im only 15 and youre only 17, once you leave im not going to talk to you again because we'll have nothing to talk about.

im so negative :/
especially in the mornings. i am definately NOT a morning person. my day always starts being woken up by my noisy shit of a family. then mum comes in, opens my blind and tells me to get up. i go to the bathroom, close my blind and go back to sleep. dad clomps past and knocks on my door in the most annoying way. sometimes he'll come in, other times he'll just yell on the other side of my door in slovak to get up caus it's a beautiful fucking day. actually, thats what he says to everyone when he goes in to wake them up, you can hear him from a mile away and it irritates me so much. i really want to move so badly it's not even funny. everyone is always fighting about stupid shit, my parents fight all the time, tom and emi fight all the time, ellie and tom, ellie and emi, etc. theyre the most annoying fights in the whole fucking world and i am sick of them to the point where i just want to jump on them and sufforcate them.

i want to see lisa, now before i fucking kill something.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i miss having friends. i have a great life hay; i hate school and have nothing to look forward to. cool beans.
guh, probably no makeup school, why does this happen when i really want to do something.

Monday, June 7, 2010

i had the worst night + sleep last night. so i woke up with a massive headache, ate panadols then went back to sleep for ages. it was the best.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

last year.
i wish everyone in this fucking house would either get along or shut the fuck up and keep to themselves. im sick of everyone, i really am.
i dont want this year to end. he wont stay here for me, he wont.
no one ever does.
last night was nice, i saw cassie and emma at work :)
i love jarrad, and i cant wait until the holidays. he says he has a kingsize bed at his dad's. i doubt he'll use that room though, he'll still cuddle up to me all night and keep me awake with his heavy breathing in my ear -____- but it's okay, i love him :) im nervous to meet his dad, but. i hope he likes me. i dyed jarrads hair this morning too, i wish the hairdye packs would come with decent gloves. i didnt wear any gloves because it was too hard to do it with them on, now my left hand is brown hahah.

mum and dad fight all the time now. it hurts, and i wish they wouldnt.
i need new music, im sick of hardcore shit at the moment, i want stuff that doesnt give me a headache every two seconds, or blah. i dont even care about my ipod anymore haha, this computer is fucked as is itunes so im going to have to do this all again anyway hah -_-

Friday, June 4, 2010

i got my tragus pierced today :) tammie got an industrial. she didnt even move or anything when hers was getting done. she killed my hand though D: i was the opposite haaa, i swore my face off. it fucking hurt D: it hurt more than lip and septum :C i have work now. then at 7 we're picking up jarrad and going to watch ncis all night c:


Thursday, June 3, 2010

i had my last exam today, it was so soso boring. everyone was basically done after an hour, and the last half hour dragged oooon -_- i also had my first year 12 sac which i dont think i did good on at all. it was for art and for me analyzing art is extremely boring. i'd rather look at art works myself and either like it or not like it. i cant do art that expresses my feelings like other people, i do art because i like creating what i like looking at. if that makes sense.
eh, i just probably shouldnt be doing any art at all if that's the case hahha.

i have work in an hour which i am not looking forward to. im going in and out of dizzy spells which will only get worse while working :( but whatever, it's work and i need money.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

playing around with photoshop again,