Friday, November 13, 2009

growed up,

I hate growing up. Suddenly there's all these new problems and stuff we have to worry about. And I hate Coles, apparently they know we have a life outside of work. If that's so then why the fuck do they tell me to work five days in a row. Then dad wants me to work at the icecream shop before and/or after working at Coles. Then I also have to go to school and be expected to do heaps good. Well fuck that, I'm too tired to do this every week :(.

Pree sure I'm still angry about this global warming thing. Politicians don't give a shit about what's going to happen in fifty or so years, they'll be dead. They'd rather spend money on stupid stuff instead of making everything better. People should just get along so we wouldn't need money. But I guess that's just not going to happen so i'll stop ranting,

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