Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Pretty sure that my legs are so sore from walking heaps today :(. I think I did okay on my English exam. Although the essay and letter to the editor I wrote were full of bullshit and made no sense.
After the exam me and tammie and eric went to the plaza, haha. Then eric and I went to work ;D. I taught him how to scoop icecream and shit :). (I also bet him at chess in like two minutes, suckaa)

Ehh it got so busy at the shop D: some old lady was getting angry caus she had to wait a while for her milkshake. She couldve at least had some paitence, couldn't she see I was trying to serve like six customers at once, plus make her milkshake, plus make like two iced chocolates and an iced coffee. For fuck sake, :(.

I really don't want to work tomorrow :'(. I have my maths exam in the morning, then the icecream shop then I have to work at Coles. -_- I feel tired just thinking about it already hah..
Pree sure I wish he'd reply already. He's pissing me off.

I spilt chocolate milk on my phone today hahaha. Lucky it still works D:

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