Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I've been so sick these past few days, :( It's been the worst; I couldn't eat or lift my doona or even open my water bottle. I'm better now, though.

Guh, year 11 sucks. Hahahahah I'm saying this now and I've only been to three periods of year 11 classes. Nah, sociology seems heaps easy. And mr. fox is an air head, too which is a plus. Art should be easy with mrs. king; she's an air head too, :} Psychology should be alright. Except the teacher seems like a person who can be a bitch as well as heaps nice. I still have to sort out my subjects, though I have empty boxes S: I doubt I'll get hair and beauty now, since it's thursday tomorrow and everyone will have gotten the good subjects. So i'll probably be left with something like maths, D: yuck yuck yuck.

This summer is going to be brilliant, :). I can't wait to work at the cafe at the river with eric hehe. And see jakerr. And stuff like that, :D. I am not looking forward to working at coles, where it all counts, though. Judy moody called me today and raged at me for not calling for like a week and a half. Bitch.


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