Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I downloaded a song called Picture Frames last night by a band I hadn't heard of. And then I listened to it and it was the song off the milk ad I always sing to when it comes onnnn. Pretty sure I love my life right now becaus of that.

I so aced my art exam, :D. I answered all the questions until I filled up all the lines. I better get at least 80% or I'll get angry and turn into the PMS lady from the IT Crowd.

Working with eric is the best, ahaha. We went to chicken stop to buy icey poles and water. And then we were feeding the sparrows outside. Except I couldn't throw stuff far enough so they got too scared and didn't eat the stuff I threw at them, D: Then I'm pree sure I got bird shit on my leg. Thanks a lot birds, I'll never feed you ever again. D:<

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