Saturday, November 28, 2009

I don't like my parents sometimes. Like, as of now. I guess I'm only pissed off because mum and dad changed the password to my login on the computer because 'everyone's on the computer too much'; fuck off, six people live in this house and we have two computers. Six people to two computers means that at least one person is probably going to be on one at any one time, DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO PUNISH ME FOR IT.

Guuuuuuuuh I needed to go on today as well, to do art homework-ey stuff. And I needed to do my booklist. Which, I did. But mum, after asking her about three times to put her credit card number into the form, still didn't do it and went to bed instead. So now, I'm going to have to ask her to turn the computer on for me tomorrow so I can do it all again. So, she's going to get pissed off at me for asking about the computer again. It wouldn't be a problem if they didn't change my fucking password, actually.
I'm going to be in year 11 next year; I'm going to need time to do homework and essays and shit. And I'm just going to get yelled at because I won't have my own computer or anything to use, because mum will just have fucking stupid 'computer' bans and restrictions. All because of tom and emi being little shitheads and making her angry.

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents. I just wish they would fucking let me grow up. I'm actually trying, really hard, to do stuff for myself. It all seems to be fine with them, if it involves money - mum makes me buy 90% of my own clothes and, well, everything. Anything else, like if I want to go out or get another piercing or have friends over [that aren't girls], then it's noo, wait until you're 18. Fuck off, how about no. They always use to say during these past years "you're going on exchange in year 11." And I was like ummm, no. Then mum would always say "but you'll mature a lot and learn lots of things - blah blah". I bet that if I ask her to go someplace like melbourne, by myself, or to go see jake for like a few days, that she'll say no. When I really don't see much difference between the exchange and me going another place by myself.

Whatever, fuck everything. I'm sick of still asking for things I'm not going to get. At least dad's looking for a camera already. I need one like, this week, and it's pissing me off that there are no working cameras in this fucking house. GRRR.
I'd rather learn my own lesson than get kicked in the face every time I ask for some independence.

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