Saturday, September 18, 2010

i havent been on here in foreverrr.

it's finally the holidays -_- i had work today though, and i have it tomorrow. the weekend supervisor is a bitch. but i get to see tammie tomorrow c:
jarrad stayed over last night, it was cute. we watched ncis in bed while everyone else was watching football; ew. in the morning emi let moo into my room. she jumped up onto my bed and squeezed herself in between me and jarrad, it was adorable. when we moved her to the end of the bed she kept coming back to sleep in betweeen us :3
im going to jarrads tomorrow after work, we're going to make spaghetti bolognaise, and watch more ncis, maybe. im going to melbourne on wednesday, too. it should be fuun, c:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

i think i spent too much time using turps and meth today in art, i feel light headed aaas D:

Monday, August 9, 2010

why is dad such a fuckhead right now. what, is it PMS week or something. hes just angry because his relationship is going to shit and mine isnt.

i went to jarrads last night, we played sims 3 and watched the IT crowd, it was the best night. we slept in for ages, and then went to albury. we saw inception at the movies and i got my photos developed from my film camera. hahh i didnt know that i had to press the button to rewind the film back, so i had to carry around my camera all day until we got to the photo shop D:
then jake texted me, and hm yeah. i wish i could smash my phone up and go away from this stupid place. i finally felt better for once in this week and then everything is just shit again. i dont want jake to be in my life anymore, but i do. i just, dsjhfgdfhj fuck.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

everything is boring -_- nothing is happening ahha. i got my learners permit yesterday and went driving today. it was only in the auto car though, mum has to change over her insurance hahh.

Friday, July 23, 2010

i have to work at 4.
not in the mood, at all.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

i had an okay birthday i guess,
im going to do the test to get my l's on tuesday next weeek :)

ummm, i needa do some more work on my folio for art. i need to take more pictures though. i wanna go to the beach, i love taking pictures there, the pictures you take all have amazing colours *drool*
eh, i take too many photos of my cat. i need more cats to take pictures of.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

^ light leaks because i was dumb and popped the back of the camera open before winding the film roll back D:
^ the photo on the right was meant to be a picture of some elephants in hosier lane in melbourne, but its underexposed which sucks so so bad :c
i bet they wont still be there next time i go back
im gunna get prints sooon :}


my scanner isnt clean, fuck! D:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

im scanning the negatives i got from the photo shop today to see which ones i want printed. its sweeet, :}

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

im also gunna pick up my developed film from the camera shop tomorrow and see which pictures turned out good and which turned out bad so i can get prints c:
im also gunna go to kmart and print other pictures from my digital cameraaaa weeew, i needa photo album, i hate sticking stuff on my walls caus i always change my mind about what i want on there -_-

fhsudifyahofn im too tired to upload the rest of the pictures, i dunno what im uploading anymore S:
tired, hungry = goodnight
im back :D!
im making a lemon meringue pie for jarrads mum's birthday while jarrad is playing super mario galaxy, im super tired but queensland was fun.
i needa upload pictures n-n

i will later, ceebs right now

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i needa go to the plaza to buy some stuff but i cant be bothered :c
maybe i just dont wanna go by myself

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

weeew i made chocolate mousse. it'll probably be really flat though, i suck at making things with whipped egg whites, ie. things like meringue, -_- mum's in a good mooood, so she let me stay home again. eheh, she's leaving with dad early tomorrow morning for their holiday c:

nyways im going to eat toast and watch mighty boosh, or somethinggg

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i beeen sick with a cold thanks to my lovely boyfriend -_- but, i don't even care, since i haven't had to go to school the past couple days :3 tom's been sick too so we've been playing super mario galaxy and eating toast and milo all dayyy, it's been great. i'll have to go to school tomorrow though, not happy. apparently it's casual wear tomorrow too. i hate casual clothes days at school :/ we have a uniform so I'll wear it since they're always ramming it down our throats that we need correct uniform, blah blah.
i have psych tomorrow morning, SIGH. boringest class ever :( i hate all my subjects, they're so so boring. health and human is the main offender though. second is psych then sociology. anyway, i could go on about how much i hate school forever. but im not going to c:

saw lisa on friday, i felt better after seeing her. she's the greatest :)
Melbourne was great, mum and i went shopping, we didn't get much though. only a few things from op shops and from docklands. it was rainy :) i went to ABBA world with mum too, it wasn't too bad, we just walked around for a bit then left. we were going to go into the tim burton thing but decided not to; we'll go back another time and mum can go to ABBA world again with her friends and i can go into the tim burton one haha. then we'll go to the titanic thing at melbourne museum c:
we didn't get to go to the camera shop which kinda sucks, we didn't have a map detailed enough. i also found a place in the city that sells instant film cameras, i might buy one when i have a spare $200 lying around >___> or jarrad can just buy me one off eBay for my birthday ;D

im going to Queensland with jarrad on fridayy, im excited :3 i hope his dad likes me but. he sounded funny on the phone and said 'ay' a lot though, :D hopefully i get enough sleep there though or I'll be grumpy haha c: sleeping in the same bed as jarrad is like sleeping in a cage -__- he doesn't leave any room to move, no matter how big the freaking bed is hahah.

anyways, pretty sure there's no excuse for me to stay home tomorrow. dammit school ;/ i shouldn't complain really, next year looks to me that I'll be going to tafe plus working at coles more. i hate work, i hate everything -_-

nar, not really, byes :D!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

i finally know what i want to do for my final in art for the end of the year c:
kind of.

i doubt ill do a good job of it though haa c:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what actually is photography, like, when is it considered an art? this semester im doing photography, and i dont want to go ahead and do whatever i want because im scared ms king will come along and be like 'youre doing this for your final..? it's not original, it's not art, it's blah blah blah,' shes said that to me like 10 times already this year. it makes me so annoyed ._.
i dont even know where to start. ill probably just stick a bunch of photos i like in my book, then write down ideas for shoots. no one ever wants to model for me though ahah, apart from ellie when i force her. i suppose im just going towards one final piece though, so it doesnt matter, there'll only be like, one photo. i dont know what im saying. i need more friends to take photos of, sigh.
ill probably also just take a bunch of random photos so i have heaps. blah blah, i hate art when it comes to thinking of what to do and doing one thing.i guess it would also be hard to do something like photography in a class because what would i do in class times, -_- i sure know that ill be doing nothing. next year im not doing year 12. ill probably go to tafe and do a course that leads up to the makeup artist course thing im gunna do the year after. which means another year in wodonga, weew. not.

im excited, i get my l's soon because it will be my 16th birthday sooon :} kind of excited, kind of not. i know im not getting what i want for my birthday, dad's a cheapskate that gave me an old second hand ipod touch last year aaand yeah mum doesnt have a job at the moment so we dont have much money ay. whatever, i dont even care.

going to see lisa friday afternoon then driving down to melbourne with mum. school tomorrow, which means i will be in a bad mood, goodnight :)
yeaaaaah :D
i think i found where to buy holga cameras, film and get them developed. but it's in melbourne. LUCKY IM GOING THERE ON THE WEEKEND AY.

*so happy*

yeah kay, my mood was just dashed because mum wants to go to fedsquare to see ABBA land or something D:

i would really like a holga and a fisheye cameraaaa. my birthday is in a month, thanks, please? D:

Monday, June 14, 2010

i dont want to go to school tomorrow, or ever .__.
and why are my eyes always closed in pictures D:
it is jarrad's and my 11 months today,
i love him so much, :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

last night jarrad stayed over, it was the best night, i like it when he stays. we watched ncis and cuddled with moo until midnight, then went to sleep. in the morning we ate the whole house out then took moo for a walk to willow park. she wasnt even excited, she was more excited to go home ._. shes a bitch. jarrad's lost his wallet, maybe at my house and now i have to find it -__- sigh.

photoshop experimenting, again