Saturday, November 21, 2009

I always get angry when Jarrad has to go home, :|. Pretty sure mum should just let him stay; there's nothing wrong with it in my opinion. What if my only best friend was a boy, would she let him stay? No. Caus she's a cow and thinks 'things' would happen. Pretty sure that nothing would happen if we were only friends..
Ffs what does she think, jarrad and I would have sex or something? Pretty sure that we wouldn't have sex while they're in the house, we would watch movies or be asleep. She's let him stay once before so why not now. Fuckhead..

She just better know that she can't keep track of me forever; I got a fucking job because she told me to, it's the worst thing that I've done all year - thanks to Judy Moody; she can stick a pen up her arse - and she hasn't let me do anything I've asked. She still won't let me go out or have jarrad here again or get my septum done or anything. She knows I'm going to try new stuff eventually, she's just making it worse by trying to restrict me.

Well I want to go away by myself these holidays, to see people in Melbourne or Bendigo, without telling her. I know that will probably just get me into more trouble, but I really could not give a fuck. Because I've learned one thing about being a teenager and that is that when we want something bad enough and aren't allowed whatever it is, we get really angry. Or maybe that's just me. Hey, maybe I'm just acting like a brat, I know I'm not 21, but all I want is for my boyfriend to stay over; he's my only best friend right now and I feel like shit, I want him here so I can go to sleep happy. Is that too much to ask?

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