Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Haha today's exam was by far the best. It was music, and we had to lie on the floor caus someone had taken all the tables and chairs out of the room. :/
Anyways, it wasnt that hard, we just had to do intervals and shit and then listen to some songs. Eric made me cry from laughing though, caus the second song we had to analyse sounded like something out of a porno, and he was doing dialouge and shit in time with the music. Hahaha fuck sake..
Anyway we finished the exam like half an hour early so we just stood around and talked about what tattoo eric's gunna get. HAHA I jokingly said he should get a sleeve of tattoos and Chris was like "or you could just tattoo on a shirt sleeve!" it was the worst thing I've ever heard; he also said that he should get a shoe tattooed onto his foot. Then we ran away before he could say anything else about clothes as tattoos -_-. Eeeh, then we had to wait for Eric's brother to finish his exam. And we ran into Joe and Perri on the wayyy. It was so hot outside :|. Hahha we ended up watching Bring Me the Horizon and Pink music videos. Then Tammie came and we bitched about Twilight for ages ;D

Stephenie Meyer can go burn in literature hell. I think I burned my nails from filing them too much and too quickly, S: They smell burned anyway,.

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