Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Pretty sure days off school go heaps quick :(. Jarrad came over today. Hahaha we had fun painting my tummy :D then we went swimming even though it was cold today :S.

Fuck sake, I hate this family sometimes. Tom and Ellie do shit all in housework and doing stuff for other people. Dad just reads the paper, making dad jokes and saying that he'll clean things up, when he actually doesn't do anything, he just ends up yelling at everyone to do it for him. Emilia just gets annoying and shows off and squeals a lot. Tom also constantly nags mum about the computer and tv and playstation, even after mum tells him not to talk to her about it. And then mum just goes around yelling and getting stressed about shit. Then she rages at one person and makes consequenses for everyone. Like, just tonight she's banned everone from using the computer for a week, just because one person didn't, I dunno, do one thing. I need to do homework :[ But I know if I ask her to use it, she'll fucking murder me.

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