Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Is a bad thing. And I always seem to do it haha. These essays were due on the 18th of September D: And I'm meant to be doing them now but I really couldn't be fucked to be honest. I'm pretty sure that Wayne Theibaud was just advertising when he painted shit like bakery counters and pies, there's no deep meaning behind them that I have to portray. Ffs, look at the painting. It just looks like cakes and it's meant to look pretty. Analyzing art is shit.

Dammit I'm cold. I just want to go to bed ahah. But I can't caus I have to do this essay shit.

Haha we had sex ed today. Which was good caus it was heaps bludge and we missed out on maths and english :D. It was kinda boring, but. The sex lady just talked about chlamydia and condom sombreros :S.

Yuuck. Murph is saying that if he had a vagina he'd put mice up there and shit. That just reminds me of the eel porn Eric was telling me about. Bahahahha.

Shiiiit. Well, pretty sure I've managed to get none of this stupid essay written. I'll just have to do it tomorrow night or tomorrow if I get to stay home or something. Which I probably won't be able to caus mum will rage at me in the morning to get up and go to school. So now that I've stayed up so so late, I'll be tired in the morning, and tired for work in the night time. I'm a fuckhead.

I think I've used the word 'shit' in this too many times haha. I want new piano books. Eeeeh, bed sounds heaps good right about now. Goodnight shitbox, blog thing or whatever.

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