Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love the Genius thing on iTunes :), it really is a genius. Hahaha.

I just spent like an hour looking through all this old stuff from 2008 and term one of 2009. I miss last year :(.

Cassie, Catholic College, Kinners (Werewolf man), Mrs. Cirobitch, Shovel Face, Karan, Kath P, wodonga suicide bridge, water ices, charcoal chicken, Corey, mini white glasses, giving James and Ben goodbye cards, fluro, makeup, End of Fashion, calipo, Jeremy, "Gyro", "Mikey", happy motherfucking christmas, Mrs. Cross, detention with Mr. D, Mr. D, Mr. Terril, "I'll have to call your parents", "PUT THAT PEN DOWN", rory, the sugar incident [in French], english with Mrs. Sturgess, the man in the tree, Stan, the Amazing Race, Antman, "Don't fucking touch me", fake nails, highlighters on the table, chocolate milk, the vending machine, hiding from Jack Pedo, 'John Cocky', Lounging on High, phonecalls, Jaker, Nick, My Chemical Romance, uniform check, tipping popcorn all over the cinema floor, Mibba, Myspace, The Getaway Plan, Oliver Sykes, painting outside of T block, Mr. Mansfield [is very sick], Judy Hickey [bitchhh], stretched ears, Utah, eyeliner disaster, fighting in maths, "Shut ya face", skipping PE, getting caught skipping PE, homebase with Ms. Seiter, jesus, sleeping on the trampoline, walking so much our feet got blisters, good morning texts, 'ding ding ding, goodmorning .. BA BA BA', fighting over the iPod, scenie tryhard, Corey pretending to talk on his phone to be cool, Corey breaking his skateboard, "tattoos blah blah", French classes, Rory under the table, Matt O telling me to cut my throat, kicking Matt O, laughing until we cried or pissed ourselves, Kath P's sunglasses, going to Melbourne, ski camp, the weir, Kath P falling into the bin, Kath P crying, getting kicked out of T block, "What do you do when it's in your mouth?" "Swallow it.", Ms. Quinn, getting yelled at, stalking people at lunchtime, drawing Antman's hair.

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