Monday, November 2, 2009


It was so so hard to get up this morning :[ I'm so tired.
School was shit as always. Mr Barry really needs to learn not to talk for so long D: It's alright though caus we got m & m's haha. It was so hot outside today D; Ewh I wish the Stoop wasn't so obsessed with spit and dicks hahaha. Recess times make me fml sometimes. My nan called today. And I found out that mitch and tom ayton's grandma is my nan's sister :0
Pretty sure English is the worst class. Caus mr matthews is a fuckhead that yells all the time, he practically just hates on everyone :| I don't like writing or reading shit essays and articles..

Ehh the rest of the day was pree shit. I fell asleep when I got home haha. Then dad told me to help with tea and I was like umm no. So he put a moth on me and I told him to piss off so he took away my phone and iPod :/. Guhh so I got angry and walked to coles to buy a box of water ice blocks. Haha I sat down in Stanley Street and ate like six of them D:

Pretty sure that parents are fucking annoying. I only want two things, which aren't even bad. Nehh, anyways. I feel like watching the Mighty Boosh but dads watching Nurse Jackie soo I can't :/.

Pree sure I wish I couldve seen cassie or someone today. I need more friends haha<3

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