Sunday, November 1, 2009

fluro orange

Today was awesome :).
Woke up this morning and went to Safeway with dad. Omg he's the worst to go shopping with, he had to look at every single thing that was reduced. Then he had to decide if he needed it or not. And I never realised that Safeway on High Street is so pov.. I guess it was worth it though, he got me tights that don't make my legs look orange. And then gave me that yogurt icecream stuff that's so soo good n-n

Anyways then tammie came and we went to Albury :D, that was the best haha. We just ended up buying shit. Pree sure Target ripped us off with a bag thing we both bought. Since I got one pretty much the same for like thirteen dollars cheaper from Cotton On. Dammit, I wanted that dress. Yeeew we also got a book called Nightlight, or someth along those lines, which is just a parody of Twilight. It's so good hahah, I hate Twilight :).
Baha we also went to Myer. And put on tester lipstick. Pretty sure we have some disease now :/. I finally got new shoes ;D But I need to swap them for like one size bigger caus I'm an idiot and didn't try them on properly .-. Hopefully I'll be able to swap them over tomorrow. I doubt it, though ..

Then jarrad came over and we went swimming :). He wet my hair the bitch; nar I love him<3

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