Saturday, October 31, 2009

hot summerrrr

Weeew I hate summer. Kind of .-.

I woke up this morning and it was so hot in my room, it made me hate life. Then mum came in with my medicine stuff and suggested I take off one of the doonas on my bed. Which is shit caus I love my doonas D: Ewh she was being nice to me so I forgot about my sulking mood. So I have to start sulking all over again :[

I was almost late to work again today. I don't know if I actually was late, since no one was there to tell me off this time. Hehheh. Neeh, it was pree boring there anyways. Although I learned about a new type of potato since someone raged at me for putting the wrong type through. And I learned how to call for grocery peoples to come check prices and shit. I hate vegetables though, especially stuff that looks the same :/. I'm happy though, I don't have to work until wednesday :)).

Yeeees, dad made the good as icecream today :) the yoghurt one, it's the best<3

Thursday, October 29, 2009

hug hug

ok go

Cobra Starship<3 hahah.

Ew I smell like pool water. Today was a good day :D Except for the green drink thing dad gave me. Pree sure it like went off since there was milk in it and it was sitting on my bedside table for like five hours ._. I shoulda let Jarrad drink it :) Not really, that would've been yuck.

I wanna learn how to play piano again :) I'll prolly just learn myself, though. I suck with all the theory and shit, and I hate learning stuff I don't want to play.

Pree sure I just downloaded classical stuff :). And I uploaded new pictures to myspaceeee :). Why the hell is Ode to Joy like twelve minutes long. This is bullshit, I hate classical now D: And school is the worst. Hopefully mr. matthews doesn't get someone to call my house again :/.


I really want a proper camera :/
This one's shit as. And there's nothing here to photograph. Except sticks and derro houses and old people. Eh I'm shit at photography anyways hahaha.

Yesss, jarrad's coming over :).

sleepy head

Pree sure that being little isn't so great all the time.

Haha dad made me some drink thing. It's green and I'm too scared to drink it caus it looks like pond water. ._.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hallo, i'm new :D