Wednesday, March 24, 2010

toast and milo is the greatest food in the world. i use to live off that stuff. i had a pretty good day today i spose. did shit all in everything except hair and beauty; i washed and curled shilo's hair. and FINALLY figured out how to finish curls. so, basically accomplished life today. the makeup people replied too, and they have to call me sometime this week, which made me very happy too. finally, mum can't go on about how i don't ever want to achieve anything in life, blah blah. shut uuup, i wanna do heaps of stuff.

I'd really like to let mum know about my septum already, too. i want to wear it down more. she'll hate me forever though, and dad'll make stupid jokes about it and say how ugly it is hahah.

I need a haircut and my own laptop. donations?

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