Tuesday, March 23, 2010

well, today i was an awesome kid and went to get my septum pierced. jarrad came with me, pretty sure he got heaps annoyed at me caus i kept worrying if theyd ask for ID. i had the nice lady, but
i cant believe i actually went through with it, especially after people telling me it hurts like a bitch ;/ it wasnt even that bad after all. jarrad was a bitch though, he didnt let me hold his hand. im not gunna hold his hand when he gets a tattoo. haaha .__. it was the worst when i got home though, i couldnt flip up the horseshoe caus it was stuck with dry blood and yuck stuff, so mum almost seen it. she woulda gone mental :0

anyways, i also made a milo cheesecake today, which turned into a bit of a fail. jarrad kept licking everything and he burnt the butter but apart from that he was very helpful ;D

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