Saturday, March 20, 2010

I love how teenagers are so cool.

we smoke to fit in, drink to act like a fuckhead and dress like we want you in our pants. it's a competition for how many people we can sleep with before 18.
we inflict pain on ourselves to look cool, by tapering our lobes to ridiculous sizes, getting ink permanently put on our skin and pieces of metal in our bodies. who cares about the environment, we'll fix everything with robots and computers when the earth is at crisis point. and if that doesnt work, mum will fix it up.

everything is fine, i read so on the prime minister's facebook.

turn the music up, bitch, my ears arent bleeding yet.

we talk to people because theyre hot, tease people who are different, and hate people who are better looking than us. we love the word cunt because it makes us feel tough, we want to fight you. there are wars between stereotypes because if youre different, then we think you should be dead.
it's awesome to fail school and do nothing with your life except play computer games and shoplift. working is overrated, ever heard of centerlink or prostitution?
we think dating a person means owning them. we own them and dont give a shit about their feelings, theyre just an object for fuck sake.
what's a condom? i dont need them, i dont get pregnant. if i do ill just get an abortion anyway.

we spend so much on shit we dont need. we lose money. we dont know how to save up. money passes through our hands so fast, it's like we never had it in the first place.
we think we're in invincible, no reckless driving, sti or accident can hurt us. we do what we want, when we want, because we're the only people that matter.


  1. are you serious?
    we are the only people that matter
    just do what you want

  2. If you wrote this, then I think you are amazing.

  3. ahah yeah, i was just thinking about how stupid we are ;/
    i speak for myself too though, im guilty of many of these things haha