Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The past few days with cassie has been heaps fun, :}
i met heaps of new people, and got to know people i already know. saturday night we sat outside the cemetery with cigarettes. we found it cliche as that every gate of the cemetery creaked ._.

sunday night, we got rained on. as soon as we got out of joel's car, it started pouring down. hahah we had to stand under someone's porch again. it took ages to get to morgan's anyway, so we were soaked. lucky i was wearing boy underwear and they had a spare shirt, caus my clothes were dripping and had to take them off D: it turned out to be a good night anyway, although me and cassie almost died getting UDLs caus they were in the basement and we couldnt find the god damn light switch. the hammock was the greatest, i squished in with chevy and it was so warm. surprisingly when me and cassie walked home, nothing happened to us, hah :) + we made the worst mi goreng when we got home haha, it wasnt even cooked properly. ewwie.

monday night we went to jed's. we got eaten by mosquitoes in the first two minutes of waiting at the park for them all to come. jesse took fecking ages to come, and he paid for the cruisers so no one was allowed to have any until he got there. so we watched jackass and smoked all of jayden's cigarettes. pretty sure it was VERY funny when the guy on tv had stilts on and he kept falling over, although no one else was laughing. fuck yas, haha. cassie and i discovered we were shit at aiming for ash trays, there was ash aaaall over the couch, hah.
hmm, the night went heaps fast anyway, prolly caus i got so drunk -_- i didnt even know i was that drunk until morgan asked how many drinks i had;

'seriously, how many did you drink?'
'umm, a clear one, two red ones, a blue one..'
'is that all?'
'and a yellow one... *hangs head shamefully*'

then i think i told chevy we had the same jumper on and was trying to convince him to swap caus his was cleaner than mine. i also hung upside down over the couch and tried to light a match on fire which just resulted in me burning my fingers because of course, the flame goes up, and upside down, your fingers are also up.
then we got picked up at around 12, went to micky d's and got served by the gayest guy. he gave us the boy's toy in our happy meals -_-

silly silly silly. nights with cassie are fun. to an extent ;D

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