Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what actually is photography, like, when is it considered an art? this semester im doing photography, and i dont want to go ahead and do whatever i want because im scared ms king will come along and be like 'youre doing this for your final..? it's not original, it's not art, it's blah blah blah,' shes said that to me like 10 times already this year. it makes me so annoyed ._.
i dont even know where to start. ill probably just stick a bunch of photos i like in my book, then write down ideas for shoots. no one ever wants to model for me though ahah, apart from ellie when i force her. i suppose im just going towards one final piece though, so it doesnt matter, there'll only be like, one photo. i dont know what im saying. i need more friends to take photos of, sigh.
ill probably also just take a bunch of random photos so i have heaps. blah blah, i hate art when it comes to thinking of what to do and doing one thing.i guess it would also be hard to do something like photography in a class because what would i do in class times, -_- i sure know that ill be doing nothing. next year im not doing year 12. ill probably go to tafe and do a course that leads up to the makeup artist course thing im gunna do the year after. which means another year in wodonga, weew. not.

im excited, i get my l's soon because it will be my 16th birthday sooon :} kind of excited, kind of not. i know im not getting what i want for my birthday, dad's a cheapskate that gave me an old second hand ipod touch last year aaand yeah mum doesnt have a job at the moment so we dont have much money ay. whatever, i dont even care.

going to see lisa friday afternoon then driving down to melbourne with mum. school tomorrow, which means i will be in a bad mood, goodnight :)

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