Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i beeen sick with a cold thanks to my lovely boyfriend -_- but, i don't even care, since i haven't had to go to school the past couple days :3 tom's been sick too so we've been playing super mario galaxy and eating toast and milo all dayyy, it's been great. i'll have to go to school tomorrow though, not happy. apparently it's casual wear tomorrow too. i hate casual clothes days at school :/ we have a uniform so I'll wear it since they're always ramming it down our throats that we need correct uniform, blah blah.
i have psych tomorrow morning, SIGH. boringest class ever :( i hate all my subjects, they're so so boring. health and human is the main offender though. second is psych then sociology. anyway, i could go on about how much i hate school forever. but im not going to c:

saw lisa on friday, i felt better after seeing her. she's the greatest :)
Melbourne was great, mum and i went shopping, we didn't get much though. only a few things from op shops and from docklands. it was rainy :) i went to ABBA world with mum too, it wasn't too bad, we just walked around for a bit then left. we were going to go into the tim burton thing but decided not to; we'll go back another time and mum can go to ABBA world again with her friends and i can go into the tim burton one haha. then we'll go to the titanic thing at melbourne museum c:
we didn't get to go to the camera shop which kinda sucks, we didn't have a map detailed enough. i also found a place in the city that sells instant film cameras, i might buy one when i have a spare $200 lying around >___> or jarrad can just buy me one off eBay for my birthday ;D

im going to Queensland with jarrad on fridayy, im excited :3 i hope his dad likes me but. he sounded funny on the phone and said 'ay' a lot though, :D hopefully i get enough sleep there though or I'll be grumpy haha c: sleeping in the same bed as jarrad is like sleeping in a cage -__- he doesn't leave any room to move, no matter how big the freaking bed is hahah.

anyways, pretty sure there's no excuse for me to stay home tomorrow. dammit school ;/ i shouldn't complain really, next year looks to me that I'll be going to tafe plus working at coles more. i hate work, i hate everything -_-

nar, not really, byes :D!

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