Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the internet is being real slow and it's pissing me offff. dad is also pissing me off, and the exam tomorrow. i do not want to go because it wont do anything for me except give me a headache. im not even going to do year 12, i dont even know what im going to do next year. probably nothing, i'll only be 16. no, im definately going to school, mum and dad will make sure of that. so i'll have a good life or some shit. good joke :D
i hate wodonga and wodonga seinor and everyone in it and everyone here and uihjksfdjb me.
i blame that fuckhead for my shit mood and for hating myself. i wish i never met him, hes a fucking liar that sweettalks his way to whatever the fuck he wants. and everytime im happy, something reminds me of him and i just want to die. why cant he just stay out of my head.
jarrrad thinks everything will be okay while hes in queensland for three fucking years, good joke. hes not going to matter to me and im not going to matter to him once hes gone, he wont come back. i hate that theres like, a countdown until he leaves. its the worst. and hes all happy like, 'aw it'll work out heaps good'. no it wont, it really wont. im only 15 and youre only 17, once you leave im not going to talk to you again because we'll have nothing to talk about.

im so negative :/
especially in the mornings. i am definately NOT a morning person. my day always starts being woken up by my noisy shit of a family. then mum comes in, opens my blind and tells me to get up. i go to the bathroom, close my blind and go back to sleep. dad clomps past and knocks on my door in the most annoying way. sometimes he'll come in, other times he'll just yell on the other side of my door in slovak to get up caus it's a beautiful fucking day. actually, thats what he says to everyone when he goes in to wake them up, you can hear him from a mile away and it irritates me so much. i really want to move so badly it's not even funny. everyone is always fighting about stupid shit, my parents fight all the time, tom and emi fight all the time, ellie and tom, ellie and emi, etc. theyre the most annoying fights in the whole fucking world and i am sick of them to the point where i just want to jump on them and sufforcate them.

i want to see lisa, now before i fucking kill something.

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