Monday, August 9, 2010

why is dad such a fuckhead right now. what, is it PMS week or something. hes just angry because his relationship is going to shit and mine isnt.

i went to jarrads last night, we played sims 3 and watched the IT crowd, it was the best night. we slept in for ages, and then went to albury. we saw inception at the movies and i got my photos developed from my film camera. hahh i didnt know that i had to press the button to rewind the film back, so i had to carry around my camera all day until we got to the photo shop D:
then jake texted me, and hm yeah. i wish i could smash my phone up and go away from this stupid place. i finally felt better for once in this week and then everything is just shit again. i dont want jake to be in my life anymore, but i do. i just, dsjhfgdfhj fuck.

1 comment:

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