Saturday, October 31, 2009

hot summerrrr

Weeew I hate summer. Kind of .-.

I woke up this morning and it was so hot in my room, it made me hate life. Then mum came in with my medicine stuff and suggested I take off one of the doonas on my bed. Which is shit caus I love my doonas D: Ewh she was being nice to me so I forgot about my sulking mood. So I have to start sulking all over again :[

I was almost late to work again today. I don't know if I actually was late, since no one was there to tell me off this time. Hehheh. Neeh, it was pree boring there anyways. Although I learned about a new type of potato since someone raged at me for putting the wrong type through. And I learned how to call for grocery peoples to come check prices and shit. I hate vegetables though, especially stuff that looks the same :/. I'm happy though, I don't have to work until wednesday :)).

Yeeees, dad made the good as icecream today :) the yoghurt one, it's the best<3

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  1. my neighbors are extreme christian ! they have bible nights on Saturday nights and they came over and told mum and dad off for having James blunt playing outside last summer. our other neighbors are the muffin lady and a ex cop
    because we don't have fences around here my dogs always walk down to my house with like. cops.. and sausages and we couldn't work out were they were getting them from until the muffin lady was like yeah i like your dogs they sit with us while we eat dinner so now we made them a dinner whenever stuff is on special at the super market !!!! my internet thing is changing all the way i spell things like neighbor i thought it was neigh b o u r
    ? obviously not. anyway josie
    i love you :)