Thursday, October 29, 2009

ok go

Cobra Starship<3 hahah.

Ew I smell like pool water. Today was a good day :D Except for the green drink thing dad gave me. Pree sure it like went off since there was milk in it and it was sitting on my bedside table for like five hours ._. I shoulda let Jarrad drink it :) Not really, that would've been yuck.

I wanna learn how to play piano again :) I'll prolly just learn myself, though. I suck with all the theory and shit, and I hate learning stuff I don't want to play.

Pree sure I just downloaded classical stuff :). And I uploaded new pictures to myspaceeee :). Why the hell is Ode to Joy like twelve minutes long. This is bullshit, I hate classical now D: And school is the worst. Hopefully mr. matthews doesn't get someone to call my house again :/.

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