Monday, May 31, 2010

today i had my english exam. my essay on the book we were reading was TERRIBLE. i literally re-told the story which is a massive no no. but, whatever, i couldnt think of anything to write that wasnt re-telling. the essay questions were shit, anyway. but i did well on my text respose :3 it was easy peasy. shame it is only worth 20 marks while my essay is suppose to be 40 marks. whatevs :)
tomorrow i think i have a sociology exam, kewl.

wednesday i have a psychology exam, then in the afternoon i have to go get some more worksheets for my retail certificate from the tafe lady. then im going with jarrad to get his hair cut. thursday i have health and human exam (ew), then work, then friday nothing, then work.

+ two new pictures on my flickr :)

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