Sunday, May 9, 2010

i have a yuck cold. stayed home period 1 friday then ran to school for the rest of hair and beauty and english. i shouldn't've done that, I felt worse on saturday -_- Attempted a pavlova but I added the sugar too soon so it looked like a cow pat c: mum chucked it and made a better one. I got called into work, it was cold because my work jumper was wet :c before I left I made mum a lemon cheesecake for mothers day :) I think it tastes yuck :[
Called work this morning caus I felt like absolute shit, but no one else would take my shift. so I walked to work, well, half ran because I was late (I'm always late, always). it was the worst shift I ever had. now I feel even worse :(

jakes started texting me again, I'm really not in the mood to fight with him I'm super tired. I wish I could sleep all day tomorrow -_-.

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