Monday, April 26, 2010

"I love you" has decreased meaning. most kids don't think before they tell someone they love them. how do you know you love someone? how do you know it's just a short infatuation or lust?
I suppose then, what else would you say to your boyfriend, "I lust you heaps," or "I like you bub," sound kinda stupid. I'd say the overuse of the phrase "I love you" is the fault of mobile phones and instant messenger. what else do you say after talking to your boyfriend or the person you like for the whole day using these technologies? 'I love you's usually fills in the texts that you can't think of anything else to say.

it's probably just how I see things, but I hate that it's used so much when it's not even half true. what else is there to say when you discover you really do love someone? "I love you" won't have a significant difference, because you've been saying it all the time.
I wish I lived in the days where people only said 'I love you' when they knew they wanted to get married. then at least you would know it was true.

how do you know you love someone?

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