Friday, January 22, 2010

I got my new owl ring the other day while shopping with tammie :) although it's not as pretty as my old one because its eyes are silver not blue ;( I also got two new tunnels for when I start stretching uuup again, and I finally got that Nirvana shirt too. It looked horrible on, so I made it better and cut it into a v-neck type shirt n-n

I started talking to an old friend the other day, too. I forgot how nice and charming he was, hopefullly I can meet him one day ;D Although he lives in Queensland so, you know. Hahah..

Everyone except me and dad are going camping tomorrow morning, which should be aweeeesome caus I'll basically have the house to myself. If my cramps would kindly piss off, then I'd be able to go see Erin tomorrow which would be AWESOME, since I still have to give her her christmas present haha.
I must also remind myself to call the tattoo shop up to book tammie in to get her helix pierced. She was too scared to go into the actual shop the other day because she didn't have her school card for ID -__- oh well,

I still have a heap of things I have to do on my holidays list. I doubt they'll get done though. Except maybe the one where I have to get photos developed, I have most of the photos I want all ready on a USB so next time I'm shopping with tammmie, I spose I can do that C:

Meh, anyway. I really wish the holidays didn't have to end, I couldn't give a shit about school anymore ahah,

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