Saturday, December 5, 2009

I just watched the most depressing movie in my life so far ._. I think it was called Two Lovers or something like that. Ahh, what the shit it was horrible D: But moo had cuddles with me so it was okay, :).

Last night was good as. Me and jarrad walked from his house to mine; caus I was meant to work with dad but he pissed me off so I took Moo dog with me and then he just yelled, :/ And I didn't bring a leash so I had to carry her all the fucking way -_- My arms were hurting so much after carrying her from Stanley street to jarrad's haha. I took some pictures for art as well, :). Anyways, no one was at my house when we got there so we were locked out. And I really needed to pee. So I had to pee outside. It was a bad time for me, >__>. Then we walked to high street to go see Erin. We sat out near kfc for a while before Erin and that bailed. So me and jarrad walked back to my house past the plaza. Hahaha we made a little balloon out of a condom erin gave us, and clipped it into one of those trolleys with the baby seats. Then we put it outside of Bakers Delight so Kovey could see it I'm the morning, :) Hahah little condom baby.

I took some pictures of Ellie today. I think some turned out alright. I just needa edit them and print them out for my folio, :).

I love jarrad.

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